We tend to turn to modified versions of our favorite apps for missing features. No matter how good the official ones are, we want more functions to make our lives easier. FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are two such applications that ease our lives with add-on features. Which one is better, though?

We have made the task of making a choice easier for you by compiling the similarities and differences between the two apps.

FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp: Comparison and Differences

We have gathered the fundamental differences and similarities between the two apps. It will help you make a better choice.


The two apps have an identical interface and come with the same number of chat themes. Both apps offer over 4000 themes that have very minute differences between them.

The only differences you will notice in both apps are the design of the icons and the arrangement of options in the menus. Other than that, there is nothing much noticeable in the apps. Instead, they look like cloned versions of one another.


Both the apps offer the same functions, including sending chats, making audio/video calls, and sending audio messages. In addition, you also get access to features like hiding/unhiding chats, hiding the status view, reading deleted messages, viewing deleted status, etc.

You can share multiple images in full resolution in both apps. You can also use two or more accounts on the same number and device. You can do this by utilizing both the official and modified versions of WhatsApp.

The difference between the two apps regarding features is that GB WhatsApp allows you to change the fonts, look of read-receipts, and chat bubble appearance. So, if you want to learn more about the two apps and try them out, check fmwaapps.

Privacy and Security

Since both the apps are identical in almost every aspect, the privacy and security features are also quite similar. For example, you can hide last seen, blue ticks for already read messages, and status view. You can also read deleted messages and view deleted status updates.

GB WhatsApp comes with additional privacy features that give it an additional advantage over FM WhatsApp. For instance, you can hide the last seen for specific contacts. You can also copy multiple messages without the name and time stamp.

You can also access several blocking methods that prevent others from snooping in your conversations. You can hide chats and contacts in both apps. You need to consider that the two apps are modified versions of the original one. So, you are always at a risk of getting blocked or your messages going to different servers. You should use the apps at your discretion.

Final Thoughts

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp have functionalities that enhance users’ convenience. Both offer identical features that have differences at the minuscule level. So, if you wish to check out these apps and reap their benefits.

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