Just like other WhatsApp APKs, creating a backup of FM WhatsApp is super easy. In this post, we will discuss the ways you can proceed and find backed-up data later, so you can secure it for later use.

For successful backup and recovery of your chats and data on FM WhatsApp on any other WhatsApp version or for personal use, you are needed to follow these simple steps.

How to create backups of FM WhatsApp

  • Firstly, open up the app and then tap on the three dots present in the upper right corner of FM WhatsApp’s interface. By doing this, an options menu will appear.
  • Then in the menu section, click on the last option which is “settings.”
  • Click on the Chat option.
  • Click on the second last option of “Chat Backup
  • Now to successfully start the process, click on the “Back up”

What Will Happen Next?

After the completion of the process, a local copy of all your conversations will be created and stored in a local file system.

How you can access it?

Well to access the backup copy, you will require a specific file browser.

Which Browser to Choose?

However, you can find innumerable web browsers but ES File Explorer is among the most recommended ones.

Don’t have a browser to install such files?

No worries, you can find several browser options and links on the internet or you can click on the “Download button” to install the APK file.

Now what to do next?

Look for the folder in your mobile phone that contains the backup. Open up the downloaded application and tap on the “Internal Storage” options.

The folder we are searching for is FM WhatsApp and inside that folder, you will get all the files and folders that have backup information.

To secure the data, copy the folder to a safe destination like an external hard drive or PC so you can use it later. However, unfortunately, in these WhatsApp APKs, creating and restoring chat backup is not stable at the moment.

How to save the data?

Press and hold the FM WhatsApp’s backup folder for seconds until the options appear on the bottom of the screen.

Click on the “More” option and choose among the 3 available options that include, “Backup to PC,” “Move to,” and “Copy To” options. You can also share it through apps like Messenger and WhatsApp to a safe destination.

How to restore an FM WhatsApp backup?

To restore the chat backup, copy the FM WhatsApp chat backup folder to your phone’s internal storage in the exact location you had previously copied with ES File Explorer.

If you will use FM WhatsApp again, you’re just needed to install the app and wait until the copy restores option appears after phone number verification.

If you install any other APK or WhatsApp, you’re required to rename the backup folder accordingly as per your new app’s name.

What about Google Drive?

However, you can find its backup option in the setting but it doesn’t work for WhatsApp APKs as they are unable to synchronize data in the updated versions.

So in a nutshell, in WhatsApp APKs like FM WhatsApp, the only way to go with backups is to locally copy them and then pasting to an external storage unit.

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