People prefer to use modified versions of the original WhatsApp due to the additional features. Two such apks are FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. These are the two most popular apks of WhatsApp in the market. They come loaded with features that give them the upper hand over WhatsApp. But what makes the two apks different from each other?

So, in this article, we will compare and contrast FM WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to help you choose the one best suitable for your needs.

FM WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus: Differences and Comparison

Let’s compare the two apps and find out their similarities and differences.


The common functions you get on both the moded versions of WhatsApp are calls, messages, and status. You can also use other moded apps or the original WhatsApp simultaneously with the two apps. In addition, it allows you to have two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same number and device.


Although both apps appear similar, they are developed by different people. It is one of the primary differences between the two apps. Fouad Mokdad is the developer of FM WhatsApp (FM stands for the developer’s name), and AlexMods developed WhatsApp Plus.

Privacy and Security

You can hide the status view, last seen, and read recipient (blue ticks on messages when you have read them) in both apps. You can also see the messages and status of people even after they delete them.

These apps also let you lock or hide chats using a PIN, a keypad pattern, or a fingerprint. The only difference is the order in which privacy and security features appear in the apps. However, the apps come with the risk that your number might get banned as they are the unofficial versions of WhatsApp.

Interface and Customization

If you look at the interface of the two apps, you won’t find many differences. They both look pretty similar and have analogous functions. Both the apps offer the same number of themes for the chats. Even the interface settings are alike in terms of the available options like widget colors, home screen, updates, widgets, etc.

You will find differences in the design of the icons and the organization of varied options in the two apps. In addition, there is a significant difference between the launcher and notification icons of the apps.


One of the drawbacks of both apps is the compatibility of multimedia. Unfortunately, they don’t have much difference in the options available under the multimedia section.

The maximum image resolution you get is 6MB for both apps. The other multimedia option you get is the image share limit. These are the only two settings you will find in the two apps.

Final Thoughts

FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus spoil users with several useful features. The apps are advantageous in their functions and features and let you do so much more than the official one. Hence, if you wish to check out the apps and unleash their benefits, download WhatsApp Plus or Fm Whatsapp FmWaApps now!

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