Fm WhatsApp 7.60 is the latest modified and powerful version of WhatsApp. So, using the latest 7.60 version will not lock you out for anything as per the anti-ban policy.

This app, created by Fouad Apps, offers extensive features to its users that none of the previous apk apps had. However, you need to download Fm WhatsApp 7.60 through a trustable third-party site, as it is unavailable on Google Play. So, if you want to know the detailed process for downloading and installing this app, keep reading this article.

Features of Fm WhatsApp 7.60

Every version of modified apps has additional features. However, Fm WhatsApp 7.60 has many unique features, some of which are stated below.

Online Contact Notifications

When someone comes online, you are notified about the same on your phone. If some contact comes online, you will get instant notifications for the same on your phone.

Recover Deleted Messages and Status

This feature allows you to check deleted messages and the deleted status of your contacts. In addition, you can save someone’s status although they are deleted from their phones.

Interface Appearance Change

With an enhanced customization feature, users can change the whole appearance of their app. For instance, this modified version allows users to customize individual chats with a different background wallpaper.

Hide Chats

With the latest version of Fm WhatsApp 7.60, hiding your chats with specific contacts has become easier.

Freeze Last Seen Status

On a WhatsApp chat, if your last seen status is turned off, you will also not be able to check anyone else’s last seen. In contrast, Fm WhatsApp 7.60 allows you to freeze only your last seen, where the other users will not be able to see your status, but you can check their last seen.

How to Download and Install Fm WhatsApp v7.60 App?

Any third-party website will allow you to download this app. In addition, the apk file in your device’s memory card will allow this app to be uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times.

So, here’s the step-by-step process for doing so.

Step 1: The “Settings” option on your device has to be selected. Then, choose the option of “Unknown Sources.” Enable it as it is disabled by default.

Step 2: In the “Download Manager” option of your phone, select the Fm WhatsApp v7.60 latest version for downloading it.

Step 3: A mobile screen has two options. And since there are two ways to install an application, the Android device needs to be booted quickly.

Step 4: The screen will display a popup with options.

Step 5: Tap “Open” on the screen once the app is downloaded and installed.

Download the App to Enjoy Its Exciting Features

WhatsApp is the most used app for communication with people across the globe. But it comes with limitations, and the new Fm WhatsApp 7.60 version overcomes them with its multiple functionalities. So, if you want to explore all these elite features, download Fm WhatsApp v7.60 today!

Apart from this, you can also try using Fm WhatsApp 8.12, Fm WhatsApp 8.35, Fm WhatsApp 19.30, Fm WhatsApp 8.45, and Fm WhatsApp 8.95. Each of them renders unique features.

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