WhatsApp is a widely used app for communication that helps people stay connected with friends and family through its various features. However, people look for extensive feature-packed applications for an enhanced instant messaging experience. So, developers created modified versions of WhatsApp with a few cool and appealing features.

Fm WhatsApp 8.35 is one of the best-modified versions of the regular WhatsApp, allowing for more customization and privacy controls. With it, users can get a unique background that can be changed and send pictures to everyone across the globe. In addition, this app version renders many functionalities, which this blog discusses in detail. So, stay hooked on it!

Exclusive Features of Fm WhatsApp v8.35

Since communication is vital for people, Fm WhatsApp v8.35 play a significant role in their lives. With the following list of features, users can use this app extensively.

A Distinct Group Tab

You can now have a separate tab for all your group chats. In addition, the bottom bar will have a separate group tab for you to differentiate between single-user and group chats.

Wide Range of Emojis

Users can send multiple emojis to their contacts without downloading the same. However, you can also download several emojis and share them with everyone. Besides, as these emoji stickers are only accessible by app users, they can easily appear in your phone gallery.

Large-Sized Media Transfer

The latest Fm WhatsApp update allows you to share more than 100 images simultaneously. Also, your WhatsApp status can have a video of around 5 minutes, unlike the other versions. Thus, all formats of files like ZIP, EXE, and APK over 700 MB can be sent from the file manager.

Customized Privacy

Users prefer the Fm WhatsApp v8.35 app due to its provisions for enhanced privacy. For example, you can conceal the blue ticks even after your message is read, the last seen data, and the double tick that appears after your message is delivered.

Download and Installation Guide of Fm WhatsApp 8.35

Here are the steps to download and install the latest Fm WhatsApp 8.35 version on your device.

Step 1: If you have only one mobile number registered on the usual WhatsApp app, it must be first uninstalled.

Step 2: Once done, launch the “Security” settings on your smartphone and tap on the button “Unknown Resources.”

Step 3: Usually, the unknown resources option is disabled, so you must enable it. This option exists under the “Security” settings or sometimes in the “Additional Settings.”

Step 4: Before starting the installation process, download the latest Fm WhatsApp v8.35.

Step 5: Start the installation once the APK file has been downloaded.

Step 6: The app requires verification once installed.

Step 7: You must get your phone number registered and verified on Fm WhatsApp v8.35, and for doing so, you need to enter the OTP you received. Successful verification will complete the installation.

Download the App Today to Unleash Extra Features

With the latest version of Fm WhatsApp 8.35, you can customize themes to enhance the look of your chat. Also, its anti-ban feature ensures that your number does not get banned by the original app. So, download the app today and use it without any reluctance!

However, you also download the other versions of Fm WhatsApp like Fm WhatsApp 8.12, Fm WhatsApp 7.60, Fm WhatsApp 19.30, Fm WhatsApp 8.45, and Fm WhatsApp 8.95. They offer great functionalities to enhance your chatting experience.

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