One of the most popular messaging and communication apps is WhatsApp. It provides you with a secure and encrypted environment to communicate effectively. However, the original version has several limitations. So, people turn to WhatsApp alternatives, which provide unlimited features.

Fm WhatsApp v8.45 is one of the most used modified versions of the original app. It provides more advantages than the official version. So, in this article, we will go through all the features of Fm WhatsApp 8.45 and how it sets itself apart from other modded versions. Check it out below!

Features of Fm WhatsApp 8.45

Here are some exciting features of Fm WhatsApp v8.45 that make it unique and fun to use.

Renders Plenty of Customization Options

The theme shop in the app offers plenty of themes you can choose from to give a personalized appearance to your app. There is a wide selection of HD themes that you can set as your chat background and make it more exciting.

It also offers numerous ticks, bubble styles, and emojis to make conversations fun and interactive. You may also customize the notification and app launcher icons.

Enables You to Keep Yourself More Private

You get top-notch privacy features with the latest Fm WhatsApp update. For example, you can hide your online status and typing prompts while using the app. You can also choose to conceal the second tick, blue tick, and disable the forward tag.

You can freeze your last seen as well. The app comes with a call recording option, which you can disable if you wish. You may disable calling as well.

Offers More Security

You can use the security lock to prevent anyone from snooping into your conversations. Fm WhatsApp v8.45 includes the most recent call-blocking features.

So, you are now able to limit who can call you. You may easily block anyone who calls you repeatedly.

Provides Enhanced Features

You can anti-delete status and stories in the app. Also, you can put the app on airplane mode without turning off your internet connection.

Besides, you won’t receive any notifications from Fm WhatsApp 8.45 while it is in airplane mode. You can create groups and choose the contacts that can message and call you. Also, you don’t need to save a contact to text them using the app.

Allows High-Quality Multimedia Sharing

You can send HD-quality images and videos without fearing data loss or picture quality. In addition, you can send up to 50 MB of data files without any lag.

You can send up to 1 GB of video files and add up to 250 characters to your status. Also, you can send voice notes with just one click instead of having to press and hold the record button.

Download the App for a Fun Experience!

Thus, you can download the Fm WhatsApp 8.45 app to enjoy all the above features, plus some more!

However, in addition to this version, you can download Fm WhatsApp 8.12, Fm WhatsApp 7.60, Fm WhatsApp 8.35, Fm WhatsApp 8.95, and Fm WhatsApp 19.30. Each has unique and exciting features that you can use depending on your requirement.

So, download any of these apps to enjoy all the fantastic features!

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