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All over the world, people make use of social media platforms to connect with people easily. WhatsApp is a commonly used platform for a large number of people. However, there have been many types of WhatsApp apps on the internet, ranging from GB WhatsApp to Fouad WhatsApp and many others. These have special features compared to the normal WhatsApp to attract more users and make it fun.

Most individuals are quite familiar with FMWhatsapp 2, while some feel they haven’t heard of FMWhatsapp 2; yes, they are pronounced the same way, but the features of WhatsApp differ. Anyways, we will be providing you with detailed information on the FMWhatsapp 2, how it is, its functions and features, how to update it, and also how to download it.

What is FMWhatsapp 2?

FmWhatsapp 2 is the updated version of WhatsApp messenger. It has some included features in this modded app, such as hiding blue tick, hiding online status but seeing that of others, downloading status videos/images, freezing last seen time, etc. This FmWhatsapp 2 is greatly similar to the FmWhatsapp and Cyber WhatsApp, modified by Android developers. This has an updated version compared to the FmWhatsapp old version.

The Fm WhatsApp 2 latest version, v20.9, was released in 2022. The updated version is the newest base of official WhatsApp with added security and privacy features. The settings on FmWhatsapp 2 are unique and will change the entire user interface of WhatsApp messenger. There is a rich user interface and experience with advanced features integrated into this new WhatsApp platform.

FM WhatsApp 2’s new privacy policy features are launched to help secure your chats and photos.

End-to-end encryption is always available. Be assured that you can take backups and store them locally. The size of this application is 55MB but varies anytime it is being updated. Some of these updated features are named below:

  • allow transferring of more than 30MB of a video file
  • give room to preview images and videos before downloading
  • Freeze your last seen to a particular time of your choice
  • You get to enable new Instagram stories through the FmWhatsapp 2
  • You can set do not disturb mode while enabling airplane mode
  • Save profile picture
  • Preview color when having a photo background

This new updated version is a very beneficial platform for friends, offices, and businesses to relate, share opinions, and discuss ideas with documents in a safe and unique method. Some of the extended features are sometimes necessities. Firstly, it is how users can use two counts simultaneously with just a single SIM card. This enables those who need a private account and business one without access to use two phones.

  • WhatsApp users can increase the length of a status update to 250 characters
  • You can send pictures and videos without compressing them to reduce the quality
  • When it comes to authorization and privacy, users can set passwords for each conversation
  • 100 chats can be pinned at once
  • Disabling tag while forwarding a message, picture, or video
  • You get to customize your choice of themes, emojis, and launcher icons
  • Hide typing and recording status
  • Select the contacts who get to call you; enable an audio file of at most 100 MB at once
  • More than ten images can be sent at a go

One of the scarce and most exciting additions is users’ ability to make the app interface suit their taste without affecting its functions.

There is also the anti-delete status and messages. With this, you can keep track of activities to see the status stories which have been removed. This is not only restricted to stories but also messages. If a text is sent and later deleted by the owner, it would still appear on your screen.

Get to message a number without saving the contact. Regular WhatsApp cannot allow this feature. There are situations where we need to interact just for certain transactions. In most cases, you do not need this person’s contact afterward; with Fmwhatsapp 2, you can send messages without saving a number and delete them when necessary.

How do I use FmWhatsApp 2?

The first step to making use of the FmWhatsApp 2, download and activate the Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk on your mobile device, so it’s usable. When this is done successfully, you proceed to register your phone number, so it will enable the app to add your contacts and provide information. With this, it automatically adds your contacts on your previous WhatsApp.

This takes a few minutes to be processed and can be assessed immediately. After these steps, you can use Whatsapp and go through the new features that Fmwhtsapp2 has to offer. You can get to set your status and make it longer, and edit your contacts to your satisfaction. You do not need to be worried about Fmwhatsapp 2; it is easy to use like WhatsApp.

FmWhatsApp 2 APK Download

To download the Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk is like regular WhatsApp. However, its information supports Android 4.4 and above, so anything below might not be functional. The first thing is to download the version of the FM WhatsApp 2 Apk via “download the FMWA latest version via” this link. When this is successful, open the settings menu on your device; you need to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources in the security section.

When this is done, click on the Fmwhatsapp apk file that you downloaded, then press on install. This might take a few seconds, then you wait. After this process is completed, open the app and continue to register the required information.

Benefits of FM WhatsApp 2

There are numerous benefits of using FM WhatsApp 2, They include:

Select the contacts who can call you

There are instances where an unknown number calls unexpectedly on WhatsApp. With the Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk, you can choose the people from your contact list who can call you through WhatsApp. Although there is another option of blocking, such numbers will be hindered from chatting with you. Disabling them from calling is the best option to be considered.

To hide typing and recording action text

Some people with WhatsApp see while you are typing and recording while expecting to get a response immediately; however, you might need to process your response and even edit your messages in your comfort. With this privacy feature, no contact can detect when you are replying or making audio. You need to turn on this feature and enjoy your Fmwhatsapp 2.

Disable Forwarded mode

Usually, the word “Forwarded” is added to a message or media file we send to someone else on WhatsApp after receiving it from someone else. Which suggests or demonstrates that the messages have been absorbed or distributed. Additionally, the sender did not send it. Use the Disable Forwarded function to get rid of the forwarded tag whenever you forward a message or piece of media. The forwarded tag won’t show up on your forwarded message or media while it’s active.

Lock your app

Recently, it has become more common to find programs in the app store that let us lock sensitive software on our devices. FMWhatsApp has a unique app lock function that enables you to lock the application. You may easily lock your password with this function, preventing anyone from accessing it without it. You no longer need to download separate software to safeguard your WhatsApp because this function is available inside the app.

It is the best and most crucial feature for all FM WhatsApp users. In today’s hectic environment, WhatsApp is used by everyone for a variety of essential tasks. WhatsApp is used for various tasks, including participating in video calls, getting crucial government information and documents, and many more. However, when you activate this feature, you’ll enter a calm and stress-free world. There won’t be any WhatsApp calls or messages to bother you. Therefore, all you have to do to get some peace of mind is to turn on DND mode on FMWhatsApp.

Download FM Whatsapp today and Start an Exciting Chat Journey!

FM Whatsapp protects your chat like never before with premium lock features!

You also don’t have to worry about anyone calling you out of the blues. You can now control who can reach you and your availability status too

These features are extra advantages created just for you when you download FM Whatsapp 2.


That’s all there is to it. You now understand FMWhatsApp 2 and all it may do for someone wishing to increase the functionality offered to WhatsApp users. FM WhatsApp 2 is a fantastic communication tool that is utilized by countless numbers of individuals. So this is all about FMWhatsApp, and we hope you can do FM WhatsApp 2022 download from the above-given link.

Although this WhatsApp modification is superior to the original, it is incompatible with official WhatsApp. It’s vital to keep in mind that you must manually download and install its APK because it is not available through the Google Play Store.

FM Whatsapp 2 FAQs

How can I hide my Online Status on Fmwhatsapp 2?

This is one of the most used features on FM WhatsApp 2. There may be a situation whereby you want to be online for certain reasons, and you’d rather not allow people to know that you are online. All that is required is, enabling the hide option in the Fmwhatsapp 2, and no one won’t detect you are online and won’t be able to send you messages.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Click on the Fmwhatsapp 2 App.
  • There is a three-dot sign in the top right corner of the screen; click on it.
  • Choose the “settings” button in the drops menu
  • Click on the options of “ privacy” after indicating the “accounts.”
  • Then, scroll to select the “last seen.” option
  • Afterward, in the next window, click “nobody.”.

Then no one would be notified that you are online.

Will I get banned if I use Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk?

When the Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk was first released, WhatsApp banned users and apks from functioning. However, better than before, they have been lenient with these apks and allow the app to be used freely by people. There is no risk of getting banned from WhatsApp when using Fmwhatsapp.

Can Fmwhatsapp 2 be used alongside the original WhatsApp?

You can’t use this app with the official WhatsApp app, which is its main drawback. The official WhatsApp must first be uninstalled to use it. However, it is compatible with other WhatsApp APKs like YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp.

How to add stickers to Fmwhatsapp 2?

The latest feature of Fmwhatsapp 2 approves personal stickers that can be uploaded on the platform. With your stickers, you interact freely, making chatting more fun. All that is needed is to download a personalized sticker pack from the internet, add this to your app, and enable the giving files storage permission.

*Find personalized stickers of your choice; on the internet, select the ones you have interest in and save them as a zip file.

  1. Find personalized stickers of your choice; on the internet,

select the ones you have interest in and save them as a zip file.

  1. Unzip this file, and extract the file using file explorer

iii. From your app drawer, open these personalized stickers for Fmwhatsapp. You would see everything you had downloaded under categories. It takes no longer route to get your personalized stickers and have them accessible on the Fmwhatsapp 2 App.

There are thousands of options to look out for; ensure you are not limited to the minimum varieties of stickers. The Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk is just like regular WhatsApp; it is not another type of social media platform entirely; you still get to do what can be formerly done on WhatsApp also on Fmwhatsapp 2 Apk.

The simple way to Update your Fm WhatsApp 2

If you’re unsure about “How to Update FMWhatsApp,” read on. To update to the Fm WhatsApp 2 latest version, you need to research the exact version which is available. You are in the proper location. Both manual and automated updates are available for the app. You’ll need a steady internet connection and authorization to access unidentified resources to update the app manually. Then, adhere to the instructions for obtaining and installing FMWhatsApp’s most recent version.

Always have evidence to support your conversations. For an FMWhatsApp upgrade, adhere to these instructions. Any discussions, media, and settings you may have made while using FMWhatsApp should be backed up. Making a backup copy of your discussions will help restore them later if you lose your data. In situations with space issues, you will need to delete some items and provide enough space to ensure the app is updated successfully.

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