The Ultimate Guide to FM WhatsApp 2023: Features, Download, Install, and Update

FM WhatsApp apk 2023 is a modded version of regular WhatsApp formulated by Fouad Mokdad. The developer of this application has added various novel features which are technically missing from regular WhatsApp. However, this application is currently unavailable in the Appstore or Google Play store. Thus, you need to download this messaging app from a reliable third-party site.

Using FM WhatsApp, you can use features like hiding your account’s last seen, customization of application colors, and working on interface icons. Moreover, you can easily customize the application using multiple themes for an enhanced experience.

So, in this article, we will discuss the essential features of FM WhatsApp 2023, its advantages, and how to download and install the latest version.

FM WhatsApp 2023 Features

The FM WhatsApp 2023 features are as follows.


FM WhatsApp 2023 apk adds dynamicity to your usual WhatsApp messaging experience. Here you can effectively customize how the app looks. There are various themes provided in this application. Thus, you can get several theme options to try. Moreover, new themes are regularly added to the store, so different free themes are available from which you can choose.


Unlike the regular WhatsApp application, in FM WhatsApp, you do not need a particular contact saved to initiate a conversation. Sending messages to your unsaved contacts has become easier with this moded app. Moreover, it enables you to pin up to 100 important conversations, while the regular application allows only 3.

Enhanced Limit

The regular version of WhatsApp limits sending messages to only 250 contacts. However, FM WhatsApp 2023 enables you to chat with almost 500 users. Also, you must note that you can only share 30 images in regular WhatsApp. But you can transfer up to 60 photos simultaneously through FM WhatsApp.

Media Sharing

In the case of regular WhatsApp, you generally have a limit set to the number of images and data you can send. However, with the FM WhatsApp apk, you can send more than 30 images and data of around 700 MB using the HD APK. Thus, by using FM WhatsApp, you have an enhanced data limit.

Anti-Delete Status

It is one of the significant features of FM WhatsApp. In regular WhatsApp, when a user publishes a story and later deletes it, you won’t be able to see that story again. However, this feature changes in FM WhatsApp as you can still view the deleted story, which is quite significant, especially in terms of accessibility.

Variation of Emojis

Using FM WhatsApp apk 2023, you can easily incorporate emojis from various Android devices. Now you can either choose from Android 0 or Facebook emojis. However, to enjoy this feature make sure to have the FM WhatsApp latest version.

Hiding Your Last Seen

Due to privacy concerns, most people want to hide their last seen in WhatsApp chats. Though the usual version of WhatsApp allows this feature, by masking your last seen, you would also not be able to view others’ last seen. However, in the case of FM WhatsApp 2023, users can effectively freeze their last seen yet see others’ last seen clearly.

Remove Forwarded Tag on Messages

On WhatsApp, there will always be a tag that reads “Forwarded,” which can be bothersome. However, you can forward interesting content on FM WhatsApp without fear of being criticized for your lack of originality.

Anti-Erase Messages

Another significant feature of FM WhatsApp is that it helps review deleted messages. If a sender deletes a message after sending the message, the receiver will not be able to see the message. However, with FM WhatsApp, you can see all deleted messages.

FM WhatsApp 2023 How to Download and Install

For FM WhatsApp 2023 download, you must access 3rd party websites, as they aren’t currently available on any app store. Once it’s done, you need to follow the below-mentioned stepwise procedure.

Step 1: You must delete the normal WhatsApp version to download and install FM WhatsApp.

Step 2: After that, tap on the chat backup option and click the backup button. It gets all your usual WhatsApp data saved on cloud storage.

Step 3: Download the FM WhatsApp apk file from the 3rd party site.

Step 4: Once the file is downloaded, you must toggle on the option of unknown resources to get the application installed on your device.

Step 5: After that, you must enter the phone number you want to use for FM WhatsApp 2023 registration and receive the OTP.

Step 6: After you have entered the OTP, start using the unique modded application.

FM WhatsApp 2023 How to Update

The following is a stepwise procedure for the FM WhatsApp update. Follow them to update the app today and use it to the fullest.

Step 1: Click on the 3 dots on the FM WhatsApp home screen and tap on the first section, “FMMods.”

Step 2: Then, you can go to updates and check for the latest update. You must update to the newest version because, at certain times, the older version can stop functioning.

Step 3: After you find the most recent update, click on the download button. The page will automatically redirect to the third-party website.

Step 4: Download the latest version of “FM WhatsApp” from the site.

Step 5: Once the apk file is downloaded, it will lead you to the “Download center,” from which you can retrieve the file and re-install it the way you did before.

Advantages of Using FM WhatsApp 2023

The following are some of the advantages related to FM WhatsApp 2023.

  • With FMWhatsApp apk 2023, you have more privacy options.
  • It has an anti-delete feature, allowing you to see even the deleted messages.
  • There are around 1000 themes available; hence, you can choose any theme of your choice.
  • You can share an enhanced number of media files through FM WhatsApp 2023.

Download FM WhatsApp 2023 Today!

FM WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to access numerous advanced features. So, follow the processes stated above, download the recently updated version of this modded app, and install it to access unlimited and exclusive features. However, if you want to know how to perform regular FM WhatsApp 2023 update, you should keep reading at fmwaapps.

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