WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging app that helps people to connect. People can send personal as well as professional messages on WhatsApp. It also allows you to make video and voice calls, and it also allows you to send audio and GIF files and images. To disable a few unwelcome contacts, you have to know how to block and unblock a contact on FM WhatsApp.

It is a widely used social networking app with over two billion users. It is considered a powerful tool that assists people in communicating with friends and family who live anywhere in the world.

Well, fmwaapps is pretty regular with updates and introduces new features to the FM WhatsApp application. So, today we will learn about its one integral feature, blocking and unblocking contacts.

How to block and unblock a contact on FM WhatsApp?

This communicative tool can also be a threat to FM WhatsApp users. Occasionally, you may want to keep away from a few unwanted contacts in your list.

So, here’s how you can block a few contacts and unblock them when required.

How to block a contact on Fm WhatsApp?

Being an FM WhatsApp user, anyone on your contact list can message you or send pictures to you. Sometimes you may receive a text from an unknown number.

So, below are the steps to block such contacts.

Step 1: Open FM WhatsApp and hit the three dots on the top screen on the right side.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, tap on the Settings option and select the account option.

Step 3: Choose the privacy options and then click block contacts.

Step 4: Click on Add the name and look for the contact who needs to be blocked.

Step 5: Select the contact and block them.

Another option of blocking the contact is by going to their chats and clicking on the three dots on the right side. If any number is not on your contact list, you can still block them by clicking on the three-dotted icon on the top right side of their number.

How to unblock a contact on Fm WhatsApp?

You might have used a block feature on FM WhatsApp not to allow someone to send a message to you. However, there might be chances where you may want to message that person.

Here you will have to see how to unblock such contacts.

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp chat and click on the three dots visible on the top right side of the screen.

Step 2: Hit the settings button, select the account option, and later the privacy option.

Step 3: Select the block contacts bar seen on the menu bar to show you a list of blocked contacts.

Step 4: Click the contact’s name that needs to be unblocked.

Download the app

Even though FM WhatsApp is a great medium that helps you stay in touch with your loved ones, there are several cases when you do not want to send or receive messages from someone. So, it is easier to block a person here, as seen above. So, download it today and make full use of this app as well as how to Hide Chats

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