The average person loses touch with the world when they go off social media for more than 30 minutes! This is why apps such as WhatsApp were created to encourage smoother communication. However, humans will do anything to have more. Hence, developers have made apps such as YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp with more amazing features than Whatsapp can offer!

What are FM WhatsApp and  Yo WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp and Yo Whatsapp are modified versions of Whatsapp that offer more excellent features than the original app. The apps which were respectively developed by Foud Apps and YoMods allow you to enjoy its amazing range of themes. They are also lightweight apps that do not consume space. While FMWhatspp is only 52.02MB, YoWhatsapp is 72.5MB.

However, you can only download them on through safe third-party websites as they are not available on Google PlayStore.

FM WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp: Differences and Comparison

FM Whatsapp and YoWhatsapp are similar in that they offer the most exclusive features you can find. But they both differ on certain specifications. For instance, while both offer the best array of customized specifications, these still differ.

Interface and customization

If you ever get tired of the awesome FM Whatsapp or Yo WhatsApp default theme, their stores have more for you. FM Whatsapp offers close to 5,000 user-friendly interface icons.

On the other hand, Yo Whatsapp offers about 4000 free themes in its YoTheme Store which you access when you download the YoWAMod.

One common factor to both apps is that you can customize each theme you pick!


FM Whatsapp gives you exclusive access to 

  • Send messages to unsaved contact (one thing Whatsapp disallows)
  • Pin up to 100 chats unlike the restrictive 3 allowed by WhatsApp.

Yo Whatsapp provides you with 

  • A customizable Do Not Disturb (DND) feature which allows you to disable your Internet only for the chat app. 
  • An upgraded option to send broadcast messages to up to 600 contacts. This is unlike WhatsApp’s restriction to 256 people.

Privacy and security

Recently, there were rumors about WhatsApp infiltering user files and chats despite its end-to-end encryption. FM Whatsapp offers the most secure in-chat security option you desire from a chat app.

Yo WhatsApp equally ensures your privacy and allows you to turn off your blue tick option. Hide your last seen status and your online status. These privacy tweaks give you premium access to choose whether you want to be seen or not. 


With FM WhatsApp. You can send files bigger than 700MB and share up to 60 images at once. It is a far cry from regular WhatsApp that permits 30 pictures and a maximum of 16MB video files at once

Yo Whatsapp allows you to send up to 1 GB media file, unlike WhatsApp which caps its file size at 50MB. You can also change the layout color of the groups you belong to within the app for easier identification.

Download FM WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp

You should now download Yo WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp to experience: a more user-friendly chat app, better interfaces, up to 1 GB sendable media, 600+ people you can forward messages to.
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