Most people use WhatsApp to communicate efficiently, offering a more secure and encrypted messaging service. Yet the popular app lacks several features that make tech-savvy people turn to modified versions of the app that come with essential functionalities.

Two of the most popular modded versions, FM WhatsApp and NS WhatsApp, have many features that enhance user experience and make the messaging more interactive and enjoyable. However, choosing between them seems difficult considering the number of add-on features in both apps.

In this article, we have comprehensively compared FM WhatsApp or NSWhatsApp 3D to give you a better perspective for better decision-making. So, let’s begin to find out more about the two modded apps!

FM WhatsApp or NSWhatsApp 3D: Differences and Comparison

Here we have highlighted some of the features of the two modded versions of WhatsApp and how they differ. Take a look!

Interface and Customization

FM WhatsApp offers thousands of themes you can choose from the theme library to replace the green theme and make the app more interactive. You can also personalize the icons and change their graphics and color.

NS WhatsApp 3D includes new check styles, icons, conversation bubbles, and notification boards. In addition, you can translate messages to various dialects in the settings and allow an auto-reply.


FM WhatsApp and NS WhatsApp 3D come with an anti-ban feature. The app allows 250 characters in your status and has a message scheduler function. It also has admin options for WhatsApp groups.

Using FM WhatsApp, you can send messages to 500 people at once. Besides, it also lets you change the color of individual groups.

Privacy and Security

NS WhatsApp 3D comes with enhanced security features and privacy options. For example, you can hide the last seen details for better privacy. The app also lets you enable Do Not Disturb mode whenever you want.

FM WhatsApp also lets you hide your last seen status. In addition, you can also conceal delivery reports and online status. The app also lets you deactivate video calling and lock the app by setting up a password for enhanced security. Furthermore, you can simultaneously send messages without saving the number and pin up to 100 chats.


NS WhatsApp 3D allows you to send more than 90 pictures at once. You can also send recordings of more than 50 MB in size.

FM WhatsApp lets you send 60 photos at once. The app also allows the sending and sharing of large files up to 700MB.

Download The Apps to Explore more

As you can see, both the apps have functionalities that are on par with each other. Furthermore, FM WhatsApp and NS WhatsApp are modded versions of the original WhatsApp with several features to provide a better messaging experience. So, you can choose any of these apps and download the one that best serves your purpose.

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