WhatsApp is a commonly used instant messaging application. However, the app has limits when it comes to sharing files and multimedia and creating groups, thereby lacking certain features. It is where modified versions of the app come into play. They have additional features and extended limits that make communication more exciting.

Two of the modified versions, FM WhatsApp Update and JTWhatsApp, offer several additional functions to help people have an enjoyable experience while using the apps. So, if you are considering getting a modified version of WhatsApp, these are two of the best options available.

To help you get the best out of the two, we have put forth the ultimate comparison guide on FM WhatsApp or JTWhatsApp. Check it out below!

FM WhatsApp or JTWhatsApp: Differences and Comparison

Here is the ultimate comparison between FM WhatsApp and JTWhatsApp to help you make a better choice depending on your preferences.

Interface and Customization

JTWhatsApp integrates various themes and font styles that users can choose from to customize the app. Another addition is the ability to hide the JTWhatsApp icon. You can hide it using the App Drawer under settings.

FM WhatsApp offers thousands of themes in a multitude of colors and varieties. You can even add custom themes to the library. In addition, the application allows changing the color and graphics of the in-app icons. You can also set customized wallpapers on the app’s home screen.


Both apps feature an anti-ban that prevents your number from getting banned on official WhatsApp. In addition, FM WhatsApp lets you send messages to contacts that are not saved. You can also pin 100 chats and change the color of individual groups in the app.

JTWhatsApp supports various languages and has an auto-reply feature to help you respond to texts and calls when unavailable. The app also lets you customize the auto-replies.

Privacy and Security

Both JTWhatsApp and FM WhatsApp feature a built-in app lock that secures your chats from snooping by anyone. In addition, both apps have features to hide last seen, double tick, and blue tick.

Besides, JTWhatsApp comes with a chat lock that you can use to lock individual chats in the app and a Do Not Disturb mode, giving you better privacy and security. Moreover, FM WhatsApp lets you deactivate video calls whenever you want. It also prevents recipients from deleting sent messages.


JTWhatsApp allows sending videos of more than 50MB and audio files of more than 100MB. That app also lets you send high-quality, same-resolution images and videos. You can send 90 pictures at a time using the app.

FM WhatsApp lets you send 60 images at a time. In addition, you can share files of up to 700 MB using the app.

Download the Apps to Unleash Exclusive Features!

We have mentioned all the essential features both apps offer and compared them to give you a better idea. So, you can download the respective app that has features suiting your needs the best.

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